Alicia Díaz


A ticket for the train that goes the furthest, please.

"Run away" is one of my animations -along with "The Outcasts"- for the film "El otro lado de la realidad", the tenth film of Gonzalo García-Pelayo's 'El año de las 10+1 películas' project produced in 2022 by Serie Gong Cine – La Zanfoña. "El otro lado de la realidad" is the film adaptation of the book of short stories of the same name by Luisa Grajalva, published by Serie Gong Editorial.

This animation piece is the visual representation of the story "Flight". The realization has a dreamlike tone and vintage aesthetics. The story is built with images that evoke the memory of what happened with a mixture of animation techniques: video-collage, stop motion and motion graphics.

Synopsis: The protagonist of this story buys a train ticket to an unknown destination to escape from his city and his life. Strangely, the landscape through the window becomes more and more recognizable. At the destination station he encounters something unexpected.

Animation: Alicia Díaz

Text: Luisa Grajalva

Actor: Víctor Vázquez

Voiceovers: Víctor Vázquez y Charo López



Category: Motion

Software: After Effects

Client: Serie Gong Cine – La Zanfoña

Date: September 2022


These two scenes are created in stop motion. In this gallery you can see some images of the work process, the "how it was done" to create the illusion of movement with this animation technique.

01- Scene character's thoughts

02- Scene Matrioska

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